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What do Kate Moss, Blondie and Marilyn Monroe all have in common? They’re all fans of the storied eyewear brand, Ray Bans. Ray Bans Aviator Polarized Sale.Responsible for designing iconic styles such as the Avaitor, Wayfarer and Clubmaster, the brand has played a starring role in our fashion history for the better part of seven decades.While Ray Bans now has an A-list fanbase, their beginning was much less glamorous. They started out making glasses for pilots in the US army in 1937. Best Ray Bans Aviators.Tasked with creating a design that would tackle the glare without reducing vision they created the original aviator shape with a special green lens. The glasses were worn by American Air Force pilots during WW11, and civilians keen to emulate this look then started to wear the style.Since then, Ray Bans have had their fair share of film appearances. Tom Cruise famously wore a pair of Ray Bans Aviators in Top Gun and Ray Bans sunglasses were the sartorial star in films such as Risky Business, The Blues Brothers and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.In the ’50s Ray-Ban got the Hollywood stamp of approval thanks to the introduction of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer in 1952.Cheap Ray Bans Authentic.The signature design was worn by both James Dean in 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause and later on by Audrey Hepburn in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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With the sun finally shining, it is no surprise that Daily Dealer readers have taken advantage of several sunglasses sales out there. Ray Bans Wayfarers Cheap.In the second half of May, we’ve alerted readers to a $70 pair of Oakleys as well as as up to 70 percent off a wider range of Oakleys and Ray-Bans.If you haven’t found anything among those selections that suits your fancy, here is another one for you. Two pairs of Ray-Bans cost only $60 on Amazon, today only. Cheap Ray Bans Aviator Glasses.These shades normally cost $160, so this is quite the bargain if you can get a pair before they run out.Though the new green glass lenses were just as high tech—blocking 85 percent of sunlight without noticeable color distortion—these were among the first sunglasses made for both seeing and being seen. And the people seen in them? Everyone from Muhammad Ali to Marilyn Monroe. Even people who weren’t wearing Wayfarers often are remembered as if they were, like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Buy Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster.(Hers? Likely Oliver Goldsmith look-alikes.) Wayfarers are still widely imitated, their geometry copied by labels like Marc Jacobs and Forever 21. Seems kind of shady.

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If you search “Ray-Ban event” on Facebook, a flood of posts comes up. They all contain roughly the same language, although their posters live everywhere from Bangalore to Tecumseh, Okla.You’ve probably seen these posts, even if you haven’t posted one yourself.Discount Ray Bans Outlet.They’re the remains of this summer’s big viral scam — a pestilence of invites to fake Ray-Ban events.The scam is simple, explained Lukas Stefanko, a malware analyst for the security firm ESET: People set up fake Ray-Ban Web stores, and then promote those stores through Facebook events advertising discounts on behalf of unnamed “charities.”Ray-Ban makes a good hook, since the brand is popular, globally known and inexpensive relative to other luxury goods. Ray Bans Frames On Sale.And Facebook events, shared by hacked or malware-compromised accounts, make an excellent promotion vehicle. People love their sunglasses and trust their friends, so many click into the promoted Web store and order when they wouldn’t have otherwise.Cheap Ray Bans Sale  .They never actually get any Ray Bans, of course, and their credit card may be compromised.Stefanko says the racket has been in full force since April, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it appears the scam hasn’t yet reached its peak — despite Facebook and Ray Ban’s best attempts to wipe it out.

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According to Luxottica, the multinational company that owns the eyewear brand, more than 16,500 Facebook-related Ray-Ban scams have been shut down since the beginning of the year.“There are sophisticated operators behind this, registering thousands of domains,” said Justin Gaudio, an intellectual property lawyer with the firm Greer Burns & Crain and one of the people tasked with getting fake Ray-Ban stores off the Web.Ray Bans Cheap Sale . “It’s a coordinated effort. There’s no doubt about it.”It’s impossible to tell precisely who is behind these schemes, on both the Web store and the Facebook-promotion end. Domain registrants are required to provide a name, physical address and other contact information, but in the case of the Ray-Ban scammers, that’s frequently invented.Ray Bans Wayfarer Sale.Experts such as Stefanko suspect a loose syndicate of Chinese hackers and scammers, who buy up cheap Ray-Ban-related domains in bulk. They can then cycle a pre-made Web store template from site to site if and when each is taken down.The homepage of rbvio.com, a fake Ray-Ban webstore, as it appeared on Aug 17.These mass invitations are risky for spammers, of course: Any one of the invitees could alert Facebook or their friend to the suspicious account activity. Replica Ray Bans Wayfarer.At the same time, if even one of the invitees buys from the fake Web store, it’s just paid for itself.


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Sales of fake goods are an enduring nuisance on Facebook. Everyone has seen spam posts in groups and on pages, selling dodgy-looking sunglasses, or designer brands for suspiciously cheap prices.But the social network may finally have a way to stamp them out.Ray Bans Sunglasses Store.In a patent application published on Thursday, Facebook outlines technology that is capable of recognising the content of images and flagging them if necessary.Cheap Ray Bans Aviators.This could, it suggests, be used to spot “a logo that an advertiser may have incorporated into its advertisements without permission.”This means the likes of Ray-Ban would be able to track down rogue sellers using its logo to flog their wares — even if they have carefully avoided using its name in the post to avoid text filters.Cheap Ray Bans Sale.It’s worth noting that this is just a patent right now, and tech companies file thousands of patents every year that never make their way into finished products. But it does show that Facebook is at least considering how to tackle the problem.

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Sometimes, the social network says, “images include proprietary content such as items subject to trademark, copyright, or patent protection and for which the content poster does not have the appropriate rights to use the content.Ray Bans Wayfarer Buy.In addition, these images may contain other information which can be valuable to classify such as who appears in the images, what letters are being shown, whether the content includes objectionable portions, etc. However, due to the sheer volume of images, it is infeasible for each image to be analyzed by a human.”The tech could also be used to track down the unauthorised sharing of copyrighted images. Ray Bans Sunglasses Sale.The company has a well-documented free-booting problem: Rogue pages stealing popular videos and uploading them to grow their following, frustrating original content creators.These Facebook pages often also steal and recycle viral images — but measures like this could finally help put a stop to it.

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I have a growing obsession with glasses. Now that I started looking at my frames as accessory options, rather than *just* a need, I have been happily adding, growing, and expanding my world when it comes to frames and shades.Cheap Ray Bans Replica.As someone who NEEDS prescription frames, the options and the experiences growing up were always a bit embarrassing! However, thanks to technology, design, and the many advancements, I have more than a few options to play in! But today? I was invited to check out what Ray-Ban had to offer and fashion my own wish list!Honestly, I never thought to look and check for Ray Bans for prescription glasses, but after seeing a few fancy pairs on blogger Kellie Brown.Ray Bans Sunglasses Authentic.I had to see what they were up to! She had on more than a few cute pairs and I wanted a few for myself! Ha!So, ummm, did you know that you can create your own Ray-Ban frames? From the frame shape, to the color of the lens, temple tips, and you can engrave the temple tips! Like put your name, or your homegirl’s name on it! AND you get to choose the case! Seriously, you can choose from 19 styles, 300 colors, and 95 lenses to create a gift that’s truly personal. Ray Bans Sunglasses Discount.How cool does customizing a pair of frames for your friend, family, or loved one sound? Isn’t this a great gift for the holidays?!

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It seems like scam spam offering supposed bargains on Ray-Ban sunglass is even more common than Viagra spam these days. We constantly get emails with links to websites that try to sell fake Ray-Bans.Discount Ray Bans Sunglasses. In fact, we even get iMessage spam from Ray-Ban scammers sometimes. Of course, there’s a reason you see so many scams out there that focus on Ray-Ban sunglasses — everyone loves them. Ray-Ban has been making sunglasses since all the way back in the 1930s, and the company offers all kinds of great styles at affordable prices.Of course, it’s Prime Day and you know what that means: Those normally affordable prices are about to get a whole lot more affordable thanks to Amazon’s sale on Ray-Bans.Ray Bans Sale.Today only — and for Prime subscribers only, of course — Amazon is slashing prices on select Ray-Ban sunglasses by 25%. There are several different Ray-Ban models included in this sale, but we know the question on everyone’s minds… does this sale cover Ray-Ban’s classic aviators?Why yes, yes it does! The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are indeed covered in Tuesday’s one-day sale on Ray-Ban glasses, as are a few other very popular models.Ray Bans Cheap. Want to check them all out? Head on over to this page on the Amazon website and grab your favorite pair before this sale is over.